San Francisco’s Original GREEN Printing Company Since 1984

We believe in creating beautiful work—and preserving our beautiful planet. In fact, A. Maciel Printing has been an eco-friendly printing company since it opened in San Francisco back in 1984.

100% Environmentally Friendly Printing Company

Our entire printing process is eco-friendly. We send electronic proofs, use chemistry free printing plates, soy inks, soy varnishes, and our printing shop runs on 100 percent wind power. And while 
our printing is good for Mother Earth, it’s also affordable. In most cases, there’s no premium for eco-friendly printing. If you’re going green, switching to environmentally-friendly printing is an easy way to get started, and we’re here to help.

A Great Printing Job is in the Details

Every printing project—from the simplest black-and-white job to four-color process work—gets our full attention. Our team of skilled printers carefully usher your project through every step of the process, doing strict quality checks along the way.

Union Printing

We firmly believe that being sustainable goes beyond environmentally friendly printing methods and materials, that’s why, as Union Printers, we proudly display our Union “Bug” No. 401 of the Allied Printing Trades Council of the Northern California Teamsters District Council No. 2. We are committed to providing good jobs that include better than average wages, health benefits and a pension and other benefits; By creating stronger local jobs we are contributing to a more vibrant and dynamic local economy.

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