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Union Printing? Yes!

Alfonso Maciel founder of A. Maciel Printing has long standing ties with organized labor; in 1964 as a recent imigrant to the U.S. he and his brother successfully helped organize their workplace into a Teamster shop.

Convinced that a Unionized work force is good for business and good for the country, he invited the Union in, and thus, A. Maciel Printing became a Union House, proudly displaying “Bug” # 401 of of the Allied Printing Trades Council of Northern Calif. Teamsters District Council No. 2.

What is a Union?

A union is a group of workers who forms an organization to gain:

  • Respect on the job
  • Better wages and benefits
  • More flexibility for work and family needs
  • A counterbalance to the unchecked power of employers
  • A voice in improving the quality of their products and services

What have unions accomplished for all workers?

Unions have made life better for all of America’s workers by helping to pass laws ending child labor, establishing the eight-hour day, protecting workers’ safety and health and helping create Social Security, unemployment insurance and the minimum wage. Unions are continuing the fight today to improve life for all working families in America.


Union members earn 26 percent more than their nonunion counterparts, and are, therefore, more active participants in the economy, particularly at the local level, since they are more prone to patronize locally owned businesses and have a “Buy American” attitude.

More than 75 percent of union workers have health benefits. Less than half of nonunion workers have health coverage. They are less likely to use emergency rooms or go untreated, and are not a burden to the public coffers.

Nearly 70 percent of union workers have a pension. Only 14 percent of nonunion workers have one.

The 10 states where unions are strongest have higher earnings, better health coverage, less crime, more civic participation, less poverty and better schools than the 10 states where union membership is lowest.

That is why more and more of America’s workers want union jobs or want a union where they work. More than 42 million nonunion workers say they want to join a union. However, employers often harass and intimidate workers when they join together to form their union. That is wrong, often illegal and most definitely a violation of the human rights of those workers.

Independent research shows the following:

  • 25 percent of employers illegally fire at least one worker for union activity during organizing campaigns.
  • 75 percent of employers hire union-busters to fight union organizing.
  • 78 percent of employers force employees to attend one-on-one meetings with their own supervisors against the union.
  • 52 percent of employers threaten to call the Immigration and Naturalization Service during organizing that includes undocumented workers.
  • 51 percent of companies threaten to close the plant if the union wins the election, however, less than 1 percent ever actually do that.

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